Traditional Architecture Group
A Linked Society of the Royal Institute of British Architects

Subscriber Newsletter No 46

3rd November 2017

Don't forget we have a Drinks Evening on 14th November:

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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Next summer TAG are planning an exhibition to coincide with the opening of the RA Summer Exhibition. We are going to rally all TAG members to register in January to submit an entry to the RA for selection. With luck many or some will be selected and that will be a real triumph in recognising the Traditional Architecture cause. Any rejected entries will automatically gain entry into our Salon des Refusés Show we plan to hold nearby. We will send out details on how to register to submit for the RA Summer Exhibition when they call for entries on 4th January. The RA sells 12,000 registrations for entry at £25 per entry on a first come first served basis so we will have to act quickly to gain an many entry forms as possible. Entry of course does not mean selection but without paying a registration fee we cannot even try to submit works. 

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